Marbella SV included within all Pack , a trip to choose between several very picturesque and historic towns.Granada , Cordoba, Seville , Ronda, Gibraltar and Tangier are the alternatives . Any choice is good . The Tour will take you all day.

That can be seen in :

Granada : the fabulous Alhambra.

The Alhambra is an Andalusian palace city located in Granada , Spain . It is a rich palace and fortress complex that housed the king and the court of the Kingdom of Granada Nazari . Its real attraction , as in other Muslim works of the time , not only lies in the interior , whose decoration is among the summits of Andalusian art , but also in their localization and adaptation , creating a new landscape but fully integrated with the existing nature. In 2011 became the most visited monument in Spain , receiving the milestone of 2,310,764 visitors

Cordoba: the Mezquita

The Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady before "Holy Mary Mother of God " is the name of the Cathedral Church of Cordova, or ancient Mosque. It was declared a World Heritage Site along with the historic center of Cordoba, construction began on the 785.

At the site of the Visigothic basilica of San Vicente Martir. The mosque underwent expansion during the Emirate and Caliphate of Córdoba Córdoba. In 1238 , after the Reconquista , was carried out the conversion of the mosque into a Catholic cathedral in the episcopal ordination of its first bishop , Lope de Fitero . In 1523 the construction of a basilica plateresco Renaissance style in the center of the Muslim building began . Today is the most important monument in Cordoba, and the entire Andalusian architecture, together with the Alhambra.


Its old town is the largest in Spain and one of the three largest in Europe alongside of Venice and Genoa , with 3.94 square kilometers , and its historic center one of the largest in Spain (note the difference between old Town, which includes a historic area prior to the Industrial Revolution, and historical district , which covers later stages ) . Its historical and monumental heritage and its diverse scenic and cultural sites makes it a city receiving national and international tourism , making it the third most visited capital of Spain after Madrid and Barcelona . Among its most representative monuments are the Cathedral ( including the Giralda ), the Alcázar , the Archive of the Indies and the Torre del Oro, the first three being declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1987 together .


The city sits on a plateau cut by deep pit dug by Guadalevin , the looming buildings of the historic center , which gives the city a picturesque panoramic view , along with the variety of monuments which has , in natural environment and its proximity to the major centers of mass tourism on the Costa del Sol , has made a remarkable round resort . The ledge of the pit and the bridge that saves are the quintessential image of the city.

Tangier :

Passports mandatory .

Multicultural enclave of Muslim , Jewish and Christian , Tangier has attracted the attention of artists like Paul Bowles, William Burroughs , Jack Kerouac, Tennessee Williams , Eduardo Haro, Brion Gysin and the Rolling Stones , all of whom lived in or visited the city. After Delacroix , Tangier became an obligatory stop for artists seeking the colors and the light that showed . Such as Mariano Fortuny , author, among other works, Tangier Souk preserved in the Hispanic Society of America in New York, Henri Matisse and several seasons he lived in Tangier, always staying at the Hotel Villa de France. You can still visit the room from whose window painted his famous landscape, recalling his words' found landscapes in Morocco exactly as described in Delacroix 's paintings . " The Californian artist Richard Diebenkorn was directly influenced by captivating colors and rhythmic patterns of Matisse 's Morocco paintings .


Gibraltar is situated at the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula , east of the Bay of Algeciras, and extends over the geological formation of the rock of Gibraltar (in English : The Rock of Gibraltar and also , The Rock) , which dominates the peninsula north shore of the straits communicating the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean . Bordered by Spain and has a population of 29,752 inhabitants in an area of less than 7 km ², with an economy based on the service sector economy, mainly as a financial center , resort and Freeport . Taking advantage of its strategic position , has a naval base of the British Armed Forces.

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